data driven companies earn more

Data-driven companies
earn more.

The Harvard Business Review reports that data-driven companies are 5% more productive and 6% more profitable. Why? They make faster, better-informed decisions. Lantern Data Systems is a software and services company that enables data-driven decisions. Our platform collects project data and displays it in ways that enable you to act in time to make a difference.

Unlock the value hidden
in your project data.

Your data is a strategic asset. The systems you use to manage finances, project information, schedules, materials and more contain valuable data you can use to improve performance. But paying people to compile it in spreadsheets is expensive, time-consuming, and subject to mistakes. And dashboards only reveal part of the story. Lantern is different. We know what construction companies need, and we know how to deliver it.


Lantern makes it easy.

Lantern combines project data into one intuitive platform, putting all the information you need in forms you can use. Need to predict vendor contract performance? Can do. See daily work in progress reports? They’re at your fingertips, every morning. How about a rollup of everything from scheduling and project controls to safety and financials? It’s easy—and timely.

We specialize in business intelligence for construction.

We know the systems you use to run your business. We don’t need to be brought up to speed. And we know the construction industry. You can skip the “Construction 101” talk. Instead, we get right to work designing the optimal data reporting for your operation, whether you’re a project manager, project engineer, or executive.

Timeliness is the key.

Taking advantage of your data gives you an enormous opportunity to outperform your competitors. One key is to consult the right information. The other key is to provide it earlier, when it’s easier to act upon, before problems arise or it’s too expensive to change course.

Imagine your weekly
report being available
every morning.
Imagine seeing accounting data without having to navigate your accounting system.
Imagine a world where your team can see right away when crew production is off-target.

Construction business intelligence doesn’t have to be complex.

Read these customer stories to see how practical and easy it can be.

BI for construction

Data projects made simple!

You’ll be up and running in a few days because Lantern is radically easier and faster to deploy than traditional business intelligence solutions. (See above: “We specialize in business intelligence for construction.”)

Don’t know where to start? Request a data strategy session! Let’s talk about your business intelligence, dashboarding, data warehousing, and big data strategies.

3 steps to more
successful projects

Just as our software makes data easy, our process
makes it easy to work with us.

1. Identify your problems.
2. Schedule a data strategy session.
3. Request a proposal.

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