Using Percent Complete to Measure if Your Project is on Track

In Data Visualization by Marc Krichman

% Complete (Contract vs Project) of all contracts in the target region

  • Dot represents – Scheduled percentage of contract completion (based on the contract start date and contract substantial completion date)
  • Bar represents – Percentage of contract value invoiced by the vendor (color-coded based on 10% variation of billed vs scheduled percentage)

This graphics allows users to quickly ask why contract #561063 is 171% “invoiced” and only 60% “complete.” This means they can quickly and easily see contracts which need … Read More

Look Mom, It’s a New Website

In News by Marc Krichman

Well, hello! If you’ve been to before, you’ve probably noticed that things look different. That’s right, we’ve redesigned the website as part of an incremental makeover of the site.

Why should you care? Well, maybe you don’t but change is good. Additionally, there were some parts of the old site that didn’t suit the pace at which we want to communicate with you (note to self: you’re reading our blog). So sit back, enjoy yourself and stay a while … Read More