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What construction jobs will look like when robots can build things

George Quezada, Data61

By 2034/35, almost 20% of Australians (6.2 million) are projected to be aged 65 or over. One sector already feeling the impact of the ageing population is construction. In Queensland, the number of construction workers aged 55 and over increased from 8% of full-time workers in 1992 to 14.2% in 2014.

An ageing workforce is likely to increase the need for less physically demanding jobs … Read More

Consumers vs. Creators in Construction

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Your construction company’s data is incredibly important to how your organization runs. But how do you use it? More importantly, who uses it, and in what way?

When it comes to data, there are two different types of people in your company who deal with it. There are the data creators, and the data consumers and they need different tools to do their jobs effectively.

What Are Creators and Consumers of Data?

What’s the difference? Let’s take, for example, your … Read More

Developing an Executive Dashboard for Construction

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executive dashboards for constructionHow do you monitor a construction project in progress? It’s important for project teams to have a clear idea of what’s going on in the project at all times, so that they can make informed decisions when necessary. But what’s the best way to keep them in the loop? Use an executive dashboard.

What Is an Executive Dashboard?

As its name implies, an executive dashboard is a single location from which project teams can view at a glance all of … Read More

Guide to Business Intelligence for the Construction Industry

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We live in the information age, constantly surrounded by a deluge of data. It can be confusing and overwhelming if you don’t know what to do with it. That’s what business intelligence is for. It seeks to make sense of that data use it to provide you with a clear picture of what’s going on in your company. So how do you implement a business intelligence program in the construction industry? Here’s a brief guide.

Elements of BI

When we … Read More

Visualizing Client Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction surveys provide the insights that are the foundation to creating and reinforcing positive customer experiences and key to fostering repeat business. But capturing the survey information is only part of the exercise. It must be analyzed, assimilated and communicated so that real change can happen.

During a recent customer engagement, we helped an organization visualize their client satisfaction using Lantern. Some of the resulting visualization included:

  • Top 10 projects (most satisfied projects)
  • Bottom 10 projects (least satisfied
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Analyzing RFI Volumes to Predict Claims

In Data Visualization by Marc Krichman

Ever wonder if there was a way to predict contractor claims? How about analyzing the number of RFI’s.

This is a visualization of the number of RFI’s on a Project against an average (this average happens to be across the entire company but it’s configurable).

  • Green line is the average RFI’s at that period of the project
  • Blue columns are the number of RFI’s at that 10% interval.

This project has more than double the number of RFI’s as the … Read More

Using Percent Complete to Measure if Your Project is on Track

In Data Visualization by Marc Krichman

% Complete (Contract vs Project) of all contracts in the target region

  • Dot represents – Scheduled percentage of contract completion (based on the contract start date and contract substantial completion date)
  • Bar represents – Percentage of contract value invoiced by the vendor (color-coded based on 10% variation of billed vs scheduled percentage)

This graphics allows users to quickly ask why contract #561063 is 171% “invoiced” and only 60% “complete.” This means they can quickly and easily see contracts which need … Read More

Coming Soon, Firefly, the Next Version of Lantern

In News by Jeff Harrison

Beginning to take shape in our Canadian labs is Firefly, the next version of Lantern. In addition to being named after a much-loved sci-fi show, it features the following:

  • Easier to use (seriously!)
  • Almost 100% skinnable (colors, labels etc)
  • Better touch interface (Already HTML 5, just easier to use)
  • More dashboards! (PCO’s and others)

The first two applications rolling off of the assembly line are purpose-built for Prolog and include RFI and Submittals. Have a look and let us … Read More