Visualizing Client Satisfaction

In Data Visualization by Marc Krichman

Customer satisfaction surveys provide the insights that are the foundation to creating and reinforcing positive customer experiences and key to fostering repeat business. But capturing the survey information is only part of the exercise. It must be analyzed, assimilated and communicated so that real change can happen.

During a recent customer engagement, we helped an organization visualize their client satisfaction using Lantern. Some of the resulting visualization included:

  • Top 10 projects (most satisfied projects)
  • Bottom 10 projects (least satisfied
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Analyzing RFI Volumes to Predict Claims

In Data Visualization by Marc Krichman

Ever wonder if there was a way to predict contractor claims? How about analyzing the number of RFI’s.

This is a visualization of the number of RFI’s on a Project against an average (this average happens to be across the entire company but it’s configurable).

  • Green line is the average RFI’s at that period of the project
  • Blue columns are the number of RFI’s at that 10% interval.

This project has more than double the number of RFI’s as the … Read More

Using Percent Complete to Measure if Your Project is on Track

In Data Visualization by Marc Krichman

% Complete (Contract vs Project) of all contracts in the target region

  • Dot represents – Scheduled percentage of contract completion (based on the contract start date and contract substantial completion date)
  • Bar represents – Percentage of contract value invoiced by the vendor (color-coded based on 10% variation of billed vs scheduled percentage)

This graphics allows users to quickly ask why contract #561063 is 171% “invoiced” and only 60% “complete.” This means they can quickly and easily see contracts which need … Read More