Using Percent Complete to Measure if Your Project is on Track

In Data Visualization by Marc Krichman

% Complete (Contract vs Project) of all contracts in the target region

% Complete (Contract vs Project) of all contracts in the target region

Why is contract #561063 171% invoiced and only 60% complete?

  • Dot represents – Scheduled percentage of contract completion (based on the contract start date and contract substantial completion date)
  • Bar represents – Percentage of contract value invoiced by the vendor (color-coded based on 10% variation of billed vs scheduled percentage)

This graphics allows users to quickly ask why contract #561063 is 171% “invoiced” and only 60% “complete.” This means they can quickly and easily see contracts which need attention or that are missing data enabling them to spot trouble faster and giving the executives a greater level of visibility in the organization.

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