Lantern Data Systems Presenting Two HCSS Intelligence Classes at HCSS’s UGM 2018

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Lantern to present at UGM 2018

Lantern Data Systems to present HCSS Intelligence

Sacramento, CA – January 24, 2018 – Today, Lantern Data Systems, a business intelligence and analytics company specializing in design, engineering and heavy construction companies, announced its inclusion HCSS’s UGM 2018 class presentations.

Marc Krichman, Lantern’s Co-Founder & President, highlighted the benefits of the HCSS class presentations. “Lantern Data Systems is absolutely thrilled to present two classes on HCSS Intelligence, a new business intelligence application specifically for HCSS customers. Class participants will get an in-depth view of the tool and strategies on how to implement it at their companies.”

Generating Reports for the Office will highlight HCSS Intelligence’s ability to intermix accounting data with HCSS data to make an impact on your business. Specifically, this class will cover the following:

  • The importance of data
  • General Introduction to HCSS Intelligence and Demonstration
  • Integrating 3rd party, non-HCSS data
  • Lantern Data Systems services for HCSS Intelligence

Information, Data and Reports to Make Decisions will dive into detail on using HCSS Intelligence to configure and store non-HCSS data, such as accounting systems. Basic report and dashboard creation will also be covered.

  • What Differentiates Today’s Thriving Organizations?
  • Today’s effort and cost to do a data project
  • What it takes to be successful in data projects
  • HCSS Intelligence solution and demonstration
  • Basic report and dashboard creation
  • Lantern Data Systems services for HCSS Intelligence

HCSS partnered with Lantern Data Systems to provide construction industry-specific business consulting around the use of data. We have many years in the construction space and can help by providing recommendations to your business intelligence, dashboarding, and data warehousing strategies. We also have the capacity to author or modify customer HCSS Intelligence reports and dashboards.