Visualizing Client Satisfaction

In Data Visualization by Marc Krichman

Customer satisfaction surveys provide the insights that are the foundation to creating and reinforcing positive customer experiences and key to fostering repeat business. But capturing the survey information is only part of the exercise. It must be analyzed, assimilated and communicated so that real change can happen.

During a recent customer engagement, we helped an organization visualize their client satisfaction using Lantern. Some of the resulting visualization included:

  • Top 10 projects (most satisfied projects)
  • Bottom 10 projects (least satisfied projects)
  • Top 10 clients (most satisfied clients)
  • Bottom 10 clients )least satisfied clients)
  • Performance by Project Scope
    Client Satisfaction by Project Scope

    Engineering/Procurement needs improvement


  • Performance by Region and Category
    Middle East Struggling in Supply

    Middle East Struggling in Supply

After some careful analysis, this customer instituted a change in their communication guidelines in places where client satisfaction was lowest. They soon saw the client satisfaction scores rise. This led to more referenceable customers and a greater rate of repeat business.

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